Why are my text messages stuck pending?

Try this fix first:

Does waking your phone make the messages send right away? If so, it is likely Android is preventing our app from running in the background. When apps are not opened frequently, newer Android versions start to do this. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent this and resolve the issue.

Check out this website, select your manufacturer, then follow the steps in the “Solutions for users” section.

If this doesn’t help, the tried and true first troubleshooting step also often resolves this:

For many, this issue goes away by simply reinstalling our Android app on your phone. We suggest giving this a try if you have not yet.

Other things to check:

Messages get stuck pending when we aren’t able to wake your phone up to send them. Here are some common causes and fixes:

  • Your phone is turned off.

Pushbullet sends text messages through your phone, so messages cannot be sent while it is turned off.

  • Your phone doesn’t have an internet connection.

Make sure your phone can connect to the internet over your Wifi or data connection to receive messages from Pushbullet.

  • Your Wifi connection is blocking our messages.

Try switching to your data connection to see if Pushbullet works correctly when not on that Wifi network.

  • Check that the correct device is selected in the top left of the SMS interface.

You may have an old device selected, which is preventing SMS from working correctly. Check that the correct device is selected in the drop down. You can remove old devices here.

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